The real world doesn’t always follow the rules.

Be ready for anything

ToolsGroup is how organizations achieve their target service levels while optimizing inventory – no matter how complex their supply chain is or how much demand changes.

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To be ready for anything, you need to do three things:

Predict more behaviors

For each unique SKU across location and time frame – while factoring in promotions, weather and more.

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Protect against surprises

Anticipate real world uncertainty and plan for service levels your customers can count on, no matter what happens.

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Perform more efficiently

By optimizing inventory, distribution and replenishment from the point of supply to point of consumption.

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Gartner Report: Defining Digital Supply Chain Planning


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McDonald’s Mesoamérica

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ToolsGroup enables “fast” supply chain for a fast food giant

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Franke Franke’s tremendous growth resulted in a very complex supply chain network that was no longer running optimally. Get the Full Story
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